Welcome to Service Saver: Join Our Network of Elite Contractors

Are you a skilled contractor looking to grow your client base and streamline your bidding process? Look no further! Join the Service Saver network and experience a world of benefits that will transform how you do business.

Standardized Pricing for Fair and Competitive Bids

Say goodbye to the hassle of negotiating prices for each project. As a Service Saver contractor, you’ll enjoy the advantage of standardized pricing. All bids within our network are based on consistent rates, ensuring fairness and healthy competition. This means you can focus on what you do best while easily securing profitable projects.

Choose Your Local Area or Let Customers Choose You

With Service Saver, you can decide where you want to work. Accept jobs within your preferred local area or let customers choose you based on your impressive credentials, stellar reviews, and extensive experience. This flexibility empowers you to maximize earning potential and build lasting relationships with satisfied clients.

Only the Best Make the Cut

We take pride in the quality of our network, and that’s why every contractor undergoes a rigorous vetting process. To join Service Saver, you must meet our high standards and criteria. Being part of our exclusive community gives you instant credibility and access to top-notch opportunities that match your expertise.

Earn Recognition and Rewards for Excellence

Service Saver believes in recognizing outstanding contractors like you. Customers using our network are required to provide honest reviews and score each contractor based on their experience. Your dedication and commitment to excellence will be acknowledged through our revolutionary honest review platform. Achieve higher rankings such as Silver, Gold, or Platinum based on customer feedback and time spent with Service Saver. As you climb the ranks, you’ll unlock additional benefits and perks reserved for our most esteemed contractors.

Marketing Made Effortless

Are you tired of spending time and money on marketing your services? Let Service Saver handle it for you. As a member of our network, you’ll benefit from our robust marketing efforts to promote your business in your local area. Say goodbye to marketing expenses and focus on what you do best – providing exceptional client services.

Join Service Saver today and revolutionize your contracting career. Unlock the doors to standardized pricing, increased visibility, and a supportive community that values your skills. Take the first step towards a brighter future for your business. 

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Our Commitment to Transparency and Network Integrity

At Service Saver, we believe in fostering a thriving community of trustworthy contractors. 

To ensure fairness and uphold the highest standards of quality, we have some important guidelines:

  1. Exclusive Partnership: All Service Saver jobs must run through the network. If any jobs are found to be bid on outside of our network will result in termination of your Service Saver network ID, and you will be removed permanently.
  2. Striving for Excellence: Our “3 strikes” policy ensures we connect customers with exceptional contractors. Contractors with three negative reviews may face suspension or termination.
  3. Exclusive Warranty: Your Service Saver membership fee covers an exclusive customer warranty, showcasing our commitment to exceptional service.
  4. Materials Sourced through Service Saver: To maintain consistency and streamline processes, our platform must purchase all materials for Service Saver jobs exclusively.
  5. Runner Service for Material Shortfalls: Our exclusive “runner service” helps you obtain additional materials through our trusted suppliers. These costs are covered by Service Saver when purchases are made through our platform.
  6. Independent Work within Service Saver: Contractors are allowed to do their own work. However, bidding out jobs found through Service Saver independently may lead to termination from our network.

We value your partnership and aim to provide a supportive and reliable network. Together, let’s create a thriving community where excellence shines through.

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